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Primary School

"Cherish & Nurture, Flourish & Aspire"

Eco News, May 2021

Due to lockdown and Covid19 restrictions, our Eco team has not been able to run. Take a look at the following to see the fantastic progress made with the help of some amazing volunteers.

Sadly, the raised beds became overgrown with weeds, which were BIG and well rooted!



We now have some great news to share… A group of residents popped into school a few weeks ago and cleared the raised beds...yay! This wonderful group of people were, Sally Harden, Tony Harden, David Dunning and Rod Tester.


What a wonderful job they have done, thank you very much!


Over the last two weeks, vegetable plants have been purchased and planted in the raised beds by the Y4 children. Thank you! 

We have also received a free donation of strawberry plants, (Thank you Sally), which have also been planted.

There’s even more news… 

Mr Alex Prince has recently started a large gardening project at his home and offered the trees taken out to the community. We were lucky enough to receive these and Alex very kindly came to school to help plant them. Thank you! The trees already look amazing and will provide essential shade to our raised bed area in the future.



Well done and thank you all!

Mrs Petherick-Moss (Eco lead)


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