Wrington C of E
Primary School

"Cherish & Nurture, Flourish & Aspire"

Seeds from space...

ONE,TWO,THREE…blast off! ‘A spaceman came travelling…' The children of Wrington C of E Primary school have finally received the long awaited ‘seeds from space.'

Wrington school are very fortunate and have a supportive group of parents, who have, with the coordination of Mrs Riches, organised the loan of a polytunnel and the planting of these very special seeds.

All children watched the seeds being launched into space with Tim Peake during a whole school assembly, watching live television coverage of the historical moment. All children were able to plant a rocket lettuce seed, not knowing if it was one of the seeds taken into space with astronaut Tim Peake.

The nationwide experiment, gives specific instructions to follow, so the seeds may be grown and monitored in a controlled fair test environment. The results are to be sent to the science team to be collated and analysed to investigate any differences in growth between the seeds experiencing micro or zero gravity and those which have remained on earth.

The children are all very excited to have started the experiment and are keen to record the changes observed over the next 35 days. They look forward to sharing their findings in the near future.