Wrington C of E
Primary School

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Year 1 in 2015 - our news & pictures!

We have been very busy in Year 1 so far this year and here is some information and pictures of the things we have been doing!

In Science we have been learning about animals, including humans.  We looked at the human body and thought carefully about the parts of the body we can see and the parts that we can't.  Ryan's mum came into talk to us.  She is a Physiotherapist so could tell us lots of interesting facts about our bones and muscles.  She also made us do lots of exercises!

Amber, the school dog, came to visit us so to help us learn more about animals.  She had a lovely afternoon in the classroom helping us with our science.

In Art we have been learning about Kandinsky and we created some abstract art of our own.  We enjoyed using lots of lovely, bold colours. 

We are having great fun in PE with the Future Stars Coaching Team.  We are learning lots of new games and skills, not to mention all those  warm up stretches!

In numeracy we have been learning to count on and back using a numberline.  We are using Freddie the frog and his lily pads to help us.