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Class Visits, National Poetry Day and a super service!

My favourite part of the job of Head Teacher is to visit classes and seeing learning in action...

Published: 3 Oct 13, 05:23pm  |  Author: Sarah Joskey

Today I had the great privilege of observing lessons in three classes. It was wonderful to see such super teaching and learning in action.

Year 3 were busy evaluating commercial dips in preparation for their own culinary exploits later in th term. They had calculated the quantities of necessary breadsticks very carefully so that there were sufficient pieces available for tasting. Assessments were made based on a variety of criteria and I was most impressed with the careful use of vocabulary to describe the taste, texture and appearence of the available dips. I was also pleased to see children observing strict rules of hygiene when dipping! Well done Year 3!

Literacy was the focus in Class 5 and they performed a wonderful retelling of the story of Beowolf with full actions. A great deal of hard work had been put into learning this story from memory! The main part of the lesson involved some vocabulary activities concerning a visual text of Grendl. Wow! Some powerful writing was emerging when I had to leave the classroom!

Whole class retelling of Beowolf

Whole class retelling of Beowolf

Year 6 were busy diary writing, inspired by the text, Wolf Brother. Having begun the lesson with some drama freeze framing, the class then analysed an example of a diary extract before embarking on their own piece. Miss Matthews was still buzzing from the literacy course she attended yesterday. 

The day had started with Class 5's Collective Worship and the children led a thought-provoking service about how we learn and grow through good and bad situations. The children had written the entire service themselves and it included dancing, acting, a powerpoint and poetry reading (well today is National Poetry Day!).It was great to welcome so many parents to the school to share this service.

 What a lovely morning it was!


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