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Head Teacher's Blog

Head Teacher's Blog

Welcome to my blog. Read on to discover some of the great things that have been going on at school…

Health and Safety Audit

Published: 30 Sep 13, 06:07pm  |  Author: Sarah Joskey

Today our Health and Safety provision was externally audited and we are very pleased with the outcome of this...

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A visit with Governors and teeth

Published: 26 Sep 13, 06:30pm  |  Author: Sarah Joskey

Today I attended a future schools event...

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Maths, maths and more maths

Published: 24 Sep 13, 09:33am  |  Author: Sarah Joskey

Miss Matthews was full of excitement this morning and was still enthusing after school following her maths observations...

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Mary the hen visits Reception Class

Published: 23 Sep 13, 10:56am  |  Author: Sarah Joskey

There was great excitement in Reception class today as Mary the hen came with Farmer Nick...

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A busy musical Friday!

Published: 20 Sep 13, 08:22pm  |  Author: Sarah Joskey

I enjoyed a very musical day today...

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Safe playtimes

Published: 18 Sep 13, 10:09pm  |  Author: Sarah Joskey

We welcomed Mr Williams from North Somerset Council today to inspect our play equipment across the school.

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fish and ...

Published: 17 Sep 13, 04:50pm  |  Author: Sarah Joskey

...chess! Today Year 2 visited Bristol Aquarium and had a wonderful 'wow' day!

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More PE expertise and staff 'olympic' training!

Published: 16 Sep 13, 07:39pm  |  Author: Sarah Joskey

We welcomed Mr Mason from the Academy today...

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Roald Dahl Day

Published: 13 Sep 13, 03:23pm  |  Author: Sarah Joskey

Strange posters appeared all over the school this morning and on closer inspection...

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Toilets coming up trumps!

Published: 12 Sep 13, 03:12pm  |  Author: Sarah Joskey

What a delight it was to be able to show a visitor from North Somerset Council Asset Management our beautiful new toilets...

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My visit to Knapp House

Published: 11 Sep 13, 09:46pm  |  Author: Sarah Joskey

What a fabulous day I have had today when I visited Year 6 at the activity centre, Knapp House, near Appledore in Devon...

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Bristol Rugby Visit

Published: 10 Sep 13, 01:42pm  |  Author: Sarah Joskey

We welcome Bristol Rugby who are providing sports coaching for the whole school this year...

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Year 6 off on an adventure!

Published: 9 Sep 13, 09:49am  |  Author: Sarah Joskey

This morning we waved Year 6 off as they embarked on their adventure to Knapp House in Devon...

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In the garden

In the garden

Our lovely playing field

Published: 6 Sep 13, 04:32pm  |  Author: Sarah Joskey

The grounds are looking as lovely as ever...

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Mrs Weber's first day.

Published: 5 Sep 13, 08:26am  |  Author: Sarah Joskey

We are delighted to welcome Mrs Weber to the school team...

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Collective worship visit

Published: 4 Sep 13, 10:19pm  |  Author: Sarah Joskey

Reverend Judith joined us this morning to lead worship...

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Welcome to our children!

Published: 3 Sep 13, 09:05am  |  Author: Sarah Joskey

It was lovely to welcome everyone back to school this morning...

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Welcome to the new school year!

Published: 2 Sep 13, 05:11pm  |  Author: Sarah Joskey

Welcome back to the new school year. The staff have been busy today getting ready for the children coming back to school tomorrow...

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