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A musical World Premiere at Wrington!

This is no exaggeration! Today we were privileged to hear the first performance of an arrangement of a piece written for the Galliard ensemble by British composer, Paul Patterson...

Published: 11 Oct 14, 04:32pm  |  Author: Sarah Joskey

'The Three Little Pigs and Little Red Riding Hood' had the assembled audience of children from Years 2 up to Years 6 enchanted as this world class ensemble performed so magnificently. It was such an experience and we all felt how lucky we had been given to have this great opportunity courtesy of Churchill Music, a charity with whom we work closely. I hope some of our young musicians will have been inspired by these amazing musicians to continue to work hard at their instruments. The Galliard Ensemble are performing in Bristol (St Georges, Brandon Hill) and Churchill this weekend.


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