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Hand washing and the Health and Safety Review!

We take health and safety very seriously at Wrington...

Published: 7 Oct 14, 05:09pm  |  Author: Sarah Joskey

Today we welcomed Jo Crickson from Priory School Enterprises who provides our Health and Safety advice and I am delighted with all the positive comments that she made about the improvements we have made to the health and safety at the school. New tarmac to replace paving slabs, a new well organised resources area, refurbished toilets, additions to emergency lighting and signage are just some of the improvements she highlighted.


My favourite moment of the review was when Jo noticed a child washing her hands very thoroughly with soap and even said she had never seen such thorough handwashing from a child of that age! It was the toilet Development Team who helped to design the colourful cloakrooms with their jolly soap dispensers so perhaps credit should go to them!


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