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Coronavirus update

We continue to follow the expert guidance given by Public Health England and we are having various daily updates from other official scientific and educational bodies. We are also in communication with other schools...

Published: 12 Mar 20, 10:19am  |  Author: Sarah Joskey

Staff have been considering how we will continue to support children in their learning if schools are instructed to close. In order to prepare for this eventuality, we will be sending children home with a ‘pack’ of activities next week which can be used if the school is instructed to close.

While we recognise that there is a variety of innovative online learning platforms (and indeed, we are including some of these in our planning), we are also mindful that some homes have limited access to computers / fast internet or that adults working from home will also need to be using computers themselves for work. Therefore, we have created a series of activities for each class which are not necessarily computer dependent. In the spirit of our focus on the broad curriculum, a full range of tasks from all subject areas has been created. It goes without saying that we expect children to follow the same high standards of handwriting and presentation for this ‘home learning’ as in class!

Some of the tasks are daily (such as 10-20 minutes daily reading) but others are intended to replace the usual ‘lesson’ or provide opportunity for an extended activity which may last a few hours. We have tried to find activities which are based on recent prior learning or in formats  with which the children will already be familiar (such as reading comprehension). We have also offered some more open ended tasks which can be larger projects, should it be necessary for the children to be away from school for longer. We hope the children will enjoy and benefit from the activities that have been planned. The expectation is for the children to focus on these tasks for approximately 5 hours per day. We also hope that they would have an opportunity to play (inside and out) where possible in addition to the tasks suggested.

The school website also has some online educational games which can be accessed. Children should make a list of what they have played on the reverse of the sheet where we have put an outline diary. This can be completed by a parent or child.

The school email will be monitored remotely so please feel free to  communicate with school through email:  office@wringtoncofeprimary.org

The situation is a dynamic one and we will continue to use parent mail and the ‘latest news’ section of the website www.wringtoncofeprimary.org to provide any further updates.

This is an unprecedented situation and we are all trying to do our best with the information available. While taking this situation very seriously, we want to take a measured approach; we do not want to create alarm and upset amongst our community.  Within school, children are being regularly reminded to wash hands and increase their awareness of basic hygiene, as we have been advised by Public Health England. We would be very grateful if you could please reinforce this at home.

Thank you for your ongoing support.


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